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My Horror Story

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:15 am    

My Horror Story
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My Horror Story

Wow. Amazing. Justice.

This is the type of site I threatened Kamado that I would create if they did not give me either my money back or my BBQ unit...but wait...I am getting ahead myself.

My name is Steve. I ordered a number #7 grill with drum, LP, and all the extras from Kamado in the summer of '06. The cost was $2216. On May 24th, 2006 I officially contracted for the grill and paid a deposit of $1,097 using my VISA card. Prior to the order, I worked diligently with Laura J. to select a suitable color. The color and patina of the tile was most important to me. Finally I agreed on a matte green, ordered the grill, paid my 50% deposit and waited.

On July 28th, Laura called to say that the unit was finished and she requested approval for full payment which I gave her. On July 29th, the final $1097 was paid via VISA.

On August 1st, I received an e-mail from Laura J. telling me that the color of my unit was inexplicably changed without her any notice. The company said that they would send a pic of the new color and assured me that if I did not like the color, they would re-engage in finding a suitable color and rebuild me a new grill. The pic they sent me was a mottled green/blue gloss and I did not like it at all. They said, "Okay. Sorry." And I said, "Oh well...I want a Kamado...so let's start anew."

Beginning in December of '06 (the delay being my responsibility), I began searching for a new color with Richelle J. In the last week of February '07, we identified the new acceptable color and a new Kamado invoice #9269 was drawn up, sent to me via e-mail and marked: "Paid In Full".
Mid April, Richelle wrote and said that the drum was completed and the grill should be finished, crated and shipped in three weeks.

I began calling Kamado in mid-May. No one answered. Instead of a live person, there was only a recorded announcement and an answering machine, inviting me to leave a message.

Let me be clear, up until now, Laura and Richelle had been lovely to work with---except of course, the mistake with the original color---but I never attributed that mistake to them as their personal fault.

No one ever returned my call.

I called and left 50 messages.

I wrote 20 e-mails, to Laura, Richelle, Richard and anyone else I could glean as a potential CC.

I called other facilities listed under Kamado or personally under Richard Johnson in the Sacramento area. Still no response.

I found a non-company e-mail address for Laura who seemed to be working in Ensanada and wrote her there. Nothing. No response.

I contacted the San Diego BBB and filed a complaint. They, the BBB, attempted to contact Kamado on numerous occasions without any success.

I even contacted Laura through Kamado's e-bay site. Using my e-bay name which is different from my e-mail name, Laura answered me originally when I asked "questions of the seller" but when I revealed who I was and asked for help---asked for my grill or my money---exasperatedly asked, "why me?"...she never responded.

So...what to do?

Towards the end, I wrote and left telephonic messages to Richard, Laura and Richelle saying that most probably I would get my money back if I disputed the charge with VISA. That being true, then why not build me my grill. I even offered to pay any extra increases in manufacturing or shipping costs over the full amount I paid in the summer of '06...and then I warned, "Look, if you don't respond to me, not only will I dispute the charge with VISA but I will create an internet site that will explain what you did to me."

No answer.

On June 25th, 2007 I sent VISA a thirteen page document complete with all the supporting e-mails from Kamado to me and vice versa disputing my charge on account of lack of delivery.

Two months later, VISA awarded me a full credit.

Thank-you Forum for giving me this voice.
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