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Kustomers have gotten out the torches and pictch forks....

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:35 pm    

Kustomers have gotten out the torches and pictch forks....
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The kustomers have gotten out the torches and pitch forks and are preparing to storm the castle! It is funny that Jeffm talks about Kamado "having the guts" to allow the forum and discussion to exist. WTF??? I guess he doesn't watch closely enough to see the hundreds of deleted posts.....


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Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 - 12:56 pm:
Just my $.02 worth, but considering the gist of most threads lately, it might behoove Kamado to make a rebuttal to the rash of complaints. Or better yet, just fix the problems. I hate sitting here conjuring up all sort of thoughts that might or might not be true about the company I gave a bunch of money to some time back and might need a part or service from. Hopefully none of them are true and you will be around when I need help. BUT it just doesn't seem that way. Maybe Richard has another project that is more important...who knows.


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Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 - 1:18 pm:
What's frustrating about Anthony's post, and Kamado's behavior, is that it discourages me from recommending a Kamado to anyone I know. We all have great praise for the product and the delicious meals it helps to make. But the seeming lack of the most cursory attempt to show respect to customers' problems diminishes my enthusiasm for suggesting any of my friends purchase a K. I don't want my pals acting on my advice and then complaining to me when they can't get anybody from Kamado on the phone. And they would. Yes, the K does a great job at cooking, but there are other products that do a pretty good job too. Regrettably, I no longer feel comfortable telling anyone that itís worth putting up with Kamadoís eccentricities.

I am fortunate to have a #1 & #7 without any problems connected with either purchase. I had a lousy experience getting charcoal, but it didn't change my lifestyle. My gripe is that I want the company to reflect my own pride and enthusiasm for the product. Appearing to have no respect for customer issues means, to me, that Kamado has little respect for their own product. Kamado answering problems with excuses like, "never got your email," (which we all know is baloney) is not showing respect to the customer or itself.

In my opinion, and clearly nobody asked me, when a company fails to create a customer service system that addresses issues before they escalate to the level illustrated by Anthony's posting, it's all about ego, not personnel. While it may be an employee who lets an order linger for two years without addressing the problem, it's the ego somewhere in the company that created the environment that allows that behavior to thrive. In terms of numbers of units, we're not taking iPads here, this is Kamado. A couple of thoughtful people with focus and responsibility should be able to handle Kamado's customer base without the kind of problems we have all heard about or experienced.

In Kamado's defense, I know there are a handful of customers who always behave terribly. They have a sense of entitlement that makes the relationship between customer and seller just awful. But that's show biz. Nothing excuses or justifies ignoring the kinds of cries for help we've all read in this forum. And I do congratulate Kamado for having the guts to allow this forum to talk about the product, bad or good. With a tiny amount of focus, any bad could turn around in a heartbeat and make everyone at Kamado customer service heros. It really doesn't take much.

It may be fun and appealing to turn the lousy customer relationship into a folk hero. But if the company truly starts believing and embracing that as its mantra, my concern is that it will eventually bite Kamado's butt and put it out of business. And that would be a shame.

P.S. The ribs I cooked over the weekend were THE best Iíve ever eaten. And nobody asked me.
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