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Kustomers review Klump

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 5:51 am    

Kustomers review Klump
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These two posters review the Kamado lump they picked up from Smokin-Amish on the New Jersey order: ClausenK has not used his but confirms the weight issue on the Tamarind Lump. Joef confirms the issue on the weight, and reports high moisture, mold, greater ash, and less heat. I think the silence from Alanz speaks volumes. I also wonder why it has taken so long for them to say anything. There has been no mention of klump on the site for at least a week...no reports, and more telling...NO INQUIRIES.


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Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2007 - 7:05 pm:

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My brother picked up my portion of the NJ pallet today from Smokin-Amish. Thanks Jim. He said your neighbors waived at him. Do you drive a mistral blue XJ by any chance?

I have not cooked with it yet, but I can say the boxes are intact, and the same size and density as the Phillippine origin extruded coconut boxes I had left from 2004 and 2005. Provenance of previous shipments- http://www.kamado.com/discus/messages/4316/6069.html?1095814843 and http://www.kamado.com/discus/messages/4316/14511.html?1121461956 .

There is no mold I could discern, or excessive fines. To my thumbnail test, the "new" extruded briquettes are as hard as the "old" ones.

You oldtimers know I have the highest respect for the Whiz, who also received part of the same shipment in 2004 that I did. My mileage varies.

The tamarind boxes were inconsistent. Some twice as heavy and full as the others, some with dog-head size pieces, some egg sized. I like the smell and flavor profile of the charcoal. The variation in lump size lends an artisanal quality.


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Posted on Friday, September 14, 2007 - 3:57 am:

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I picked up my Tamarind from Jim a few weeks ago. Thanks again Jim for offering to host the order! Have noticed the same size variations as you. One piece was a little smaller than a basketball!

I noticed the same weight variations in the boxes as well. Have not weighed them yet, but it is by no means what's listed on the box. The ash content is quite high. The moisture content is very high; I have a plastic Kingsford container I use to store Cowboy. I dumped almost 2 boxes of the Tamarind in it, and when I went to use some, the lid on the container was soaking wet.

I also noticed some mold on the lump. I stored the other boxes in my basement, and now have to rethink that if they too contain mold.

I used it this last weekend for a 2 hour pizza cook. This lump was a lot easier to light than the old K Tamarind I had. The old boxes were a uniform size, 10 pound box of slim branches. It was very hard to light. Once lit, it burned very long, and very hot. This new Tamarind does not burn anywhere as long, and while I don't have much of the old left to do a side by side, I'd estimate the new does not burn as hot. I had to dump more lump in after the first hour or so, something I did not have to do with the old. Almost does not seem to be the same type of wood to me <shrug>? It did burn longer than Cowboy, which is what I had been using for pizza.

The pizzas turned out great, and that's all we all cared about, at least at the time. Gotta love 90 second K'd pizza. Other issues to be addressed later.

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